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“Australia’s answer to Hamilton”



The rapturous response from both sides of the political aisle to our 2019 development presentation, as well as the advance sales from our sadly COVID-cancelled Sydney Theatre Company/Canberra Theatre Centre season was both a genuinely unexpected surprise and - paradoxically in hindsight - a sure thing.

With soaring contemporary music, raucous humour, razor sharp satire, stellar characterisations, meta-theatrics, and a big heart, The Dismissal stirs all the necessary ingredients to engage audiences across generations, personal tastes, and political persuasions.

To be among a room of Boomers, Gen X’ers and Y’s, and Millennials equally enthralled and enthused by an important moment in our country’s history is a profound experience.

We want nothing more than to share this story and our unique telling of it with as many Australians as possible.

We want to bring our history to stages in every state, in capital cities and regional communities.

We want to illuminate the humanity of our politicians and examine their choices.

We want to remind those that lived through the experience how they felt at the time.

We want to enlighten those that have never experienced such an exceptional and challenging episode in our social and cultural history.

We want to remind everyone how important our democracy is, what our collective participation means, and how we can strive as a nation to do and be our best.

And we want to do it all with a little song and dance along the way.

Like The Boy From Oz, Priscilla Queen of the Desert, Dream Lover: The Bobby Darin Musical, Keating!, and Muriel’s Wedding, our production of The Dismissal has demonstrated, even in its infancy as a new work, that it has the capacity to connect Australians to our stories - and to each other - on a significant scale.

It’s (show) time.

Jay James-Moody

Artistic Director, Squabbalogic

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